Sustainable food systems & food waste

Sustainable food systems

South Africa's food system is complex. We rely heavily on a small in number, but large-in-scale commercial farms to produce most of the food we eat. This food not only feeds our expanding population but also supplies a global supply chain stretching from the States through to China. This in a context where a significant proportion of our population is food insecure. This imbalance needs to be challenged, and it is through the lens of sustainable food systems that a new order and just practices can be formulated.  Pinpoint's view is one in which the whole supply chain is considered in order to overcome system challenges.

Pinpoint services:

  • Research to understand the formal and informal food supply chain and food flows
  • Strategic insights on establishing sustainable food system frameworks, policy and strategy
  • Value chain analysis
  • Guidance on tools and innovations to support sustainable practices

Food surplus & waste

South Africa wastes about 12 million tonnes of food each year - equivalent to 40% of what is grown. This in a country where resources, such as land and water, to grow our food are under stress. In addition, the edible fraction of this food could contribute towards feeding the 13 million who routinely experience hunger in our country.  Pinpoint is passionate about reversing this trend, minimising food waste and working towards redistributing nourishing surplus food to those in need.

Pinpoint services:

  • Food loss and waste measurement and methodologies
  • Research to inform policy, frameworks and strategy
  • Advisory and research services to inform food waste and surplus minimisation, redistribution and beneficiation

"It has been a pleasure working with Pinpoint Sustainability on the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa's Food Loss & Waste Initiative, in partnership with the Department of Trade & Industry and co-funded by the European Union.  Nicola was instrumental in formulating the food waste initiative road map, proposed budget and governance structure and proposals in partnership with Anthesis from Europe. She assisted with facilitation of various dialogues and facilitated a Food Loss & Waste Reporting Protocol workshop with retailer members of the CGCSA. It’s admirable how she always sees projects through from conception to completion. Her work ethic, team work and passion on sustainability is out of this world!" Matlou Setati, FSI Executive, Consumer Goods Council of South Africa.    

"Nicola’s expert work on determining volumes and causes of waste in a specific value chain was thorough and professional. The results contributed not only to greater understanding of the opportunities for waste mitigation within WWF and the retail partner but also served to improve the development process of a global benchmark tool. We continue to rely on her guidance and expertise." WWF-South Africa.