Case studies:  Strategy development & facilitation

Development of a strategy for targeted funding

Client:  The Long Run, UK / Global

The Long Run is a UK-based not-for-profit that brings together a global community of nature-based tourism enterprises committed to protecting biodiversity and improving the lives of people where they operate.

Pinpoint assisted The Long Run with the development of a focused strategy to seek and elicit financial support to enable them to achieve their ambitions of growth. This involved the development of a compelling generic proposal, and the identification of key funding organisations, initiatives and philanthropists that mirror the ambitions they are trying to achieve.

Development of a fundraising market strategy

Client:  The Grootbos Foundation

The Grootbos Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose vision is to conserve the Cape Floral Kingom and uplift communities who live within it. They do this through sustainable livelihoods programmes, ecotourism and sports development, and education.

Pinpoint took the fundraising team through a series of workshops to align their vision and mission with a targeted local, national and global fundraising strategy. Outcomes included a targeted list of potential funders and donors, advice on getting to know their target audience and a focused approach for doing so. In addition, Pinpoint ran a proposal writing workshop with their broader project management team..


Clients:  Various

Most of the projects Pinpoint is contracted to undertake include some form of workshop or seminar facilitation, to illustrate a few:
  • South African food waste voluntary agreement - more than 5 dialogues and workshops, including stakeholders from government, industry, academia and civil society.
  • SA Plastics Pact - facilitation of a workshop on the implementation of a Plastics Pact for South Africa. Co-ordinated by WWF South Africa in collaboration with the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO), the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and WRAP Global.
  • The Beach Co-operative - workshop with potential project partners to develop a proposal on adding value to riverine and marine plastic debris to create jobs and viable products in South Africa.
  • SANPARKS / Rhodes University - workshop on unlocking jobs through invasive alien plant value-added industries with interested stakeholders across the value chain.
  • Food for Us - co-ordination of final dissemination event. Over 100 attendees representing government, academia, industry and NGOs.

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