Case studies:  Alien vegetation & forestry biomass

Unlocking jobs in the alien vegetation added value chain

Client:  WWF South Africa and Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)                           Funder:  WWF Nedbank Green Trust

In collaboration with TIPS, Pinpoint undertook research to understand the job creation and economic potential associated with using alien vegetation as a feedstock for manufacturing wood pellets, and use of the pellets as a replacement for paraffin in non-electrified households. Download the report here.

The Eco-Furniture Programme: An evaluative review

Client:  Creating Sustainable Value

Funder:  The Jobs Fund / National Treasury

Pinpoint formed part of a team, led by Creating Sustainable Value (CSV), to undertake a mid-term evaluative review of the Department of Environmental Affairs' (DEA) Working for Water Eco-Furniture Programme. Pinpoint focused on alien invasive value-add industry opportunities - undertaking desktop research, site visits and interviews to inform the review.