‘Why are black South African students less likely to consider studying biological sciences?’ This is such a significant question, yet is this truly the case?

In response to an article authored by University of Cape Town (UCT) researcher Nicoli Nattrass, published in the South African Journal of Science in May 2020, Rosenberg (Rhodes University) and le Grange (Stellenbosch) offer a critique of this study. They illustrate the importance of research method and what the results of such a study means for the sector.

It makes for very important reading, especially if you're involved in planning higher education biodiversity-related fields of study, or have a need and demand for students graduating within this field of study. Quantitative research undertaken by Pinpoint for a review of South Africa's Biodiversity Human Capital Development Strategy suggests that the statement 'black South African students are less likely (than others) to consider studying biological sciences', is questionable.

The full article can be accessed here.