Skills for greening fibre-based packaging in South Africa

published by the Green Skills Program

Skills for greening South Africa's fibre packaging sector. Set within an international context, this paper explores how South Africa's paper and paperboard industry can build on or strengthen its current skills base to work towards a greener economy.

What are the skills needed to green the paper and paperboard packaging sector?  Freelance researcher Nicola Jenkin, of pinpoint sustinability, recently produced a discussion paper on this question as part of a research partnership between the Fibre Packaging and Manufacturing SETA and Wits REAL, the Centre for Researching Education and Labour at the University of the Witwatersrand. Based on a literature review and interviews with a key informant at Mpact, the paper focused on the ‘greening’ of the sector within the context of the global greening of packaging, and the implications this will have for skills needs. It also provides some insight into what relevant training opportunities currently exist, and where there is potential for such training. Nicola has recommended further primary research and an in-depth analysis of the green skills gaps, drivers and suppliers of green skills training in the sector.

A copy of the paper can be viewed here.

Image courtesy of mpact