value in food & packaging waste

pinpoint sustainability's area of expertise is in reducing waste through optimising your business and supply chain activities. This might be through:

  • understanding behaviours associated with waste generation,
  • making more informed packaging choices,
  • identifying alternative higher value disposal routes for waste,
  • zero waste key performance indicators, or
  • improved consumer messaging.

single-use and ocean plastic 

South Africa is flanked by two oceans and has over 2,800 kms of coastline, which provides a real opportunity to collect significant volumes of plastic and transform this into commercially viable products with value, and create jobs at the same time.

pinpoint sustainability is involved in better understanding the issue of ocean plastic in South Africa, with a focus on identifying solutions nd creating jobs to eliminate, refuse, reuse and recycle single-use plastic items that land up in our oceans and on our shores. We also have a particular interest in job creation, whilst doing so. This is achieved through our affiliation with the The Beach Co-operative, which concentrates it's efforts in Cape town, with ambitions to expand to other coastal towns and cities in South Africa.  Like and follow the activities of The Beach Co-operative on Facebook here.

pinpoint sustainability, through The Beach Co-operative, is currently supporting research funded by WWF-SA and The Nedbank Green Trust, to ascertain the effectiveness of eliminating straws, coffee cup lids and sweetie wrappers from the restaurant and food service sector.  

food loss & waste

With a growing global interest in food waste, and issues of food production and security ever present in South Africa, it is becoming critical to look at ways to reduce loss and wastage during production, processing, distribution, retail and consumption. Some on-farm wastage rates for fresh produce can be as high as 60%. This is not just a loss of physical product, it also has a significant cost implication and knock on profit.

pinpoint sustainability can help you to:

  • better understand where the loss is occurring,
  • why it is occurring, for example, whether physical damage, agricultural practices, retailer specifications or behaviours, and
  • identify solutions to return the lost value to your operations.

We use globally recognised methodologies, such as the World Resource Institute's (WRI) Food Loss & Waste Protocol, to ensure your results are robust and credible.

Evidence is cross-checked and benchmarked with nternational research undertaken by the UK's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and South Africa's CSIR research.

pinpoint sustainability has a deep understanding and experience of undertaking food loss and waste research in a South African context, having undertaken work for WWF-SA, Feedback and The Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch.

Image courtesy of WWF-SA.



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