identify value & impact

Understanding where your greatest financial and resource impacts are is crucial to operating a resilient business, system or region. These areas of greatest impact are called 'hotspots'. By knowing where and why they occur, and putting plans in place to reduce them can mean the difference between running a profitable business or failing.

At pinpoint sustainability we can work with you to map the flows of materials through an entire value chain (raw materials through to consumer) or within your operations. The identified hotspots provide the evidence upon which to guide the type of focused efforts for change e.g. employee training, technological innovation and adoption of lean manufacturing principles.

We focus on the basics - information you can understand - material loss and waste volumes, energy and water use and cost of spend.

It's not just in the numbers, we also seek to understand why certain practices are adopted and how they drive impact, as this helps to identify appropriate solutions.

Seek to understand your issues and what will add value to what you do.

  • Use recognised methodologies and protocols for gathering and analysing data.
  • Work with you to identify, source and capture data (everyone is different, so we develop a process best suited to you).
  • Undertake interviews and site visits to understand your process and supply chains, your drivers, why impacts occur and your supplier and customers' perspectives.
  • Produce a map(s) to show how much various stages in the supply chain, activities or sectors contribute to a range of impacts, and why.
  • Make evidence-based recommendations on how impacts can be reduced.
  • Prioritise where efforts should be focused.




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