embedding change

A strength of pinpoint sustainability's work on embedding change is three-fold:

  • operating at the cutting edge of 'green' education, training and skills development to support South Africa's economic growth,
  • over 20 years of working with business to implement change to become more resource efficient and resilient, and
  • a desire to see the value in every individual as a problem solver and identifier of solutions to reduce environmental impact and find value through more efficient practices and utilisation of 'waste'.

With a deep understanding of educational practices and how individuals operate and respond in the workspace, we work with you to develop programmes and supporting materials to embed change in everyday activities.

Our principles of learning and transformation are based on learning through action - by understanding, you are more informed. By being more informed, you can contribute to and drive solutions. By putting ideas into practice, learning takes place, and a sense of responsibility is achieved. Through action and a process of review, activities can be improved in a cycle of continuous improvement.

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Green skills are about building capacity for a sustainable and resilient future.

pinpoint sustainability is involved in researching and analysing the current status and opportunities for the 'greening' of skills in core South African sectors, and to inform Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAs) on how to plan and develop skills to take care of South Africa's water, waste, clean energy and biodiversity.

Research is undertaken for the Green Skills programme - a project of the National Environmental Skills planning Forum and the Green Fund, in partnership with Rhodes University, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand.

Past and current research includes work for the Chemical Industry Education & Training Authority (CHIETA) on the paint and petroleum sectors, and occupationally directed skills development for green public supply chain management for the Public Service Sector Education & Training Authority (PSETA). See 'Projects'for individual reports.


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