who are we?

Nicola Jenkin - Director

Nicola is Director and founder of pinpoint sustainability, and has over 20 years experience of driving change in the private and public sectors. She has a strong international background, having worked extensively in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe. Prior to founding pinpoint sustainability in 2015, she worked for Anthesis in the UK where she held a position on their Leadership Team. Prior to this she worked for over 5 years at the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Nicola has a deep and practical understanding of the retail, agriculture and food, drink, hospitality and fashion sectors and their supply (value) chains, with a particular focus on research, analysis, strategy development, added-value in supply chains and sustainable food systems. She has advised and managed projects for small specialist companies through to large multi-national corporations such as ABInbev, Amcor, Asda, Burberry, Coca-Cola, Confederation of Islamic States (COMCEC), European Commission, H&M, Heineken, MolsonCoors, Nestle, Rhodes University, SABMiller, Tesco, The Jobs Fund, Centre for Researching Education & Labour (Wits), Woolworths (SA) and WWF-SA.

Her specific areas of focus are:

  • programme and project management,
  • professional research,
  • strategy development and implementation,
  • employee and supply chain engagement;
  • green skills and occupational analysis,
  • resource efficiency and lean supply chains,
  • product loss and waste minimisation,
  • food loss and waste, 
  • sustainable food systems, 
  • global value chain analysis, and
  • packaging optimisation.

Nicola holds a Masters in Environmental Education (Rhodes University), and an Honours in Environmental and Geographical Science (University of Cape Town).


a collaborative network

Collaboration with specialists and a good team is key to delivering a successful project. To this end I work with or support a variety of individuals and organisations for delivery, including:

Further information on the green skills program can be found here.

pinpoint sustainability is a member of the UN's 10YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme's Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC), and an official partner of the programme.

pinpoint sustainability is an affiliate member of The Long Run - an initiative of the Zeitz Foundation.  At over 100 members, it is one of the world's largest sustainable development initiatives led by nature-based businesses.  Pinpoint works with and advises The Long Run and its members to identify funding opportunities, and to help raise awareness of The Long Run.

Nicola Jenkin is a Director of the not-for-profit company The Beach Co-operative. Working closely with the founder Aaniyah Omardien, and a dedicated team of ocean lovers to eliminate, reduce, reuse, redesign and recycle single-use plastic, which often lands up in our oceans and on our beaches.


email:  nicola@pinpointsustainability.co.za

+27 (0)71 317 3625

twitter:  @nicolaruby

Cape Town, South Africa